Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rejected wedding themes

I've got 3 more rejected wedding themes to share....Katie is so narrow minded about some of these details!  I really don't see whats wrong with ....

#1 Beach Boys Wedding

Surfer music or limbo music
seashell decorations
Hawaiian shirts on all the guys in the wedding party
Grass skirts for all the girls in the wedding party
casual atmosphere
leis for all the guests
tropical flowers
lots of shrimp (well, we are having that anyway~)
Sand castle cake
Cool cutout everyone could stand behind and get their picture taken (saw that at Party City)

#2  Country Wedding

Spurs, jeans, bandanas for the guys
denim skirts for the girls (we already have those)
Cow wedding cake & chicken cupcakes  (saw those today online)
they could leave the church in a great big pickup truck
Country music
they could line dance going up and down the aisle

#3  Star Wars Wedding

play the dum-dum-dum-da-da-dum-da-da-dum music as Katie walks down the aisle
Pastor Jeff could dress up as Darth Vader
Bryant could be Luke Skywalker
Katie could be Princess Lea (although Amy thinks her own hair would be better in the honey buns hairdo)
Allen could be Chewbaca  (he's the tallest)
Then we need R2D2, C3P0, little droids, and all the creatures
Cake could be decorated like an outer space planet or asteriod
They could leave the church in a space shuttle (NASA has plenty ~ they shouldn't miss one for a couple of hours)

 Sometimes creativity takes over and it just has to come out somewhere!

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