Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Top Reasons for my Mom's Injury

Mom fell and injured her elbow requiring 4 stitches and broke her shoulder...the real reason for the injury is she tripped on a curb or a speed bump and fell.  But we've come up with some more creative excuses for her injuries...

*She fell off the roof while showing the roofers how to put the shingles on correctly

*Someone greased the monkey bars and she fell while swinging across

*She was jumping on the trampoline and acting a fool

*When she ordered a drink at the restaraunt ~ they served her more than water with lemon

*The bouncer got a little too rough when he tossed her out

*She was trying to break a door down and didn't know her own strength

*Maybe taking up gymnastics at her age wasn't such a good idea after all

*She looks rough but Ya ought to see the other guy

Now, with her injuries and arm in a sling she is going to have to take it rollerblading, skydiving, pogo stick jumping, swimming races, weight lifting, etc.  But maybe she will survive the restrictions since she never did these things anyway~

We are praying Mom feels better real soon and the Lord quickly "knits" the break back together.

We love you!


  1. My theory is that she was doing cartwheels in the parking lot and her Sunday School Class buddies are helping her cover it up!
    With her pain medicine she's not supposed to ride a bike (I don't believe they mentioned motorcycle)
    So I suppose it's safe for her to do and it would be safe for her to ride on the kid's scooter! or maybe that's what she was doing and the coverup goes deeper that we thought........ Brenda

  2. What Really Happened was this>

    Granny was ironing, and tripped over the extension cord.


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