Tuesday, August 16, 2011


While I am not a huge fan of going to college "just because", sometimes it is necessary to have that education and diploma for a JOB.  Engineers, accountants, doctors & nurses, etc. all need that important little piece of paper to prove they are knowledgeable in their field.

James has talked about learning welding for 7-8 years.  Its one of the professions where you need the little piece of paper to prove you can do the job and are qualified.

Last night was his first night of classes.  He will go M-Th. and in a year should be able to get a full time, salaried job.

He's worked hard to get to this stage of life.  He worked really hard to get accepted into the school.  He's going to continue to work fulltime during the day and attend classes at night.

I'm proud of the hard work he is willing to put into this new chapter of his life.


  1. Yay, for James. I know you are excited for him.

  2. Congratulations James. All that hard work is going to pay off.


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