Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Lord blesses people with certain gifts to aid them in ministry.  These gifts could be a love for children, a desire for missions, crafting skill to help in Sunday School or Bible School, musical abilities to help in worship, organizational abilities, cooking skills to minister to your church family, listening skills, and empathy skills.  This is only the tiniest tip of the huge iceberg of skills.

Sometimes the Lord allows things to happen in your life that you can later use to help someone else.  You can certainly empathize & sympathize & encourage someone if you've been through the same thing.  And honestly, sometimes these life happenings you would just rather forget about because they are intensely painful, embarrassing, and you want to sweep them under the rug and forget they ever happened.  But the Lord doesn't allow them to remain hidden for long.

I am in one of those situations right now.  A mom at our church is going through a horrible time with her son.  He made unwise, not thought out, stupid decisions one night in June.  It has landed him in a huge pile of trouble, trouble that a Mama can't fix and doesn't understand.  Another Mom shared with her my story (leaving out my name) to encourage her that she can get through this.  I've since talked with her on several occasions.  Honestly, he screwed up but its reflecting back on her, people always look for someone to blame, whether it applies in that situation or not.

We've talked together, hugged, and cried together.  Last night was a sobbing, crying, broken conversation night.  She got devastating news about her son and his trouble.  This has far reaching, gut wrenching, sleepless nights implications.

So please pray~  for me to know what to say, when to say it, and when to just be quiet & cry with her.  For her ~ her Mama heart is shattering, she will need much heavenly guidance, care & protection.  For the sisters that are watching, listening, and not really understanding what is going on.  And for this young man ~ his life and the lives of others will be eternally affected.

I can honestly say, I would not have chosen this Ministry.  I am praying for strength, courage, and the right works to say when speaking with her.


  1. Oh, this is just heart wrenching. As you know, my kids have not hit the age of bad decisions, yet,(or I should say really bad decisions) but it is possible in any of them. None of us, are exempt from this being able to happen. I will be diligently praying for your friend.

  2. I will be praying for all of you. What a blessing for you for being willing to reach out in this way to your friend.

  3. Beth Moore has mentioned in more than one bible study that God sometimes frees us from chains in our lives (situations, sin, etc.) to RUN from them and other times to STAY near them and use them to help others to glorify God.
    May God use you to bless and encourage this dear Mama-Sister on the rocky road in her journey.
    Prayers for strength, peace and the Lord's amazing mercy to be poured out on you all.
    Blessings on the journey~


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