Tuesday, August 9, 2011


For today.....

Outside my window~ sunny, hotter than hot (105 yesterday), no rain, everything is getting crunchy dry

I am thinking~ about a wedding & a marriage

I am thankful for~ Godly young people for my childrens friends

From the kitchen~ made laundry detergent this morning (note to self: be careful grating the soap, cause grating your hand is absolutely no fun),  we are going to get a $1 burger at McD's for lunch, dinner is ???

From the learning rooms~ ABeka Consumer Math, learning all about cars, loans, maintenance, ins., my kids got much more car ins. information than ABeka provided yesterday because I worked for St. Farm for 10 years~car ins. is something I know well!, World History starting with Creation, today they are doing a word search and drawing the 1st week of the world, also working on cursive handwriting with writing the Bible verses that go along with the days., typing review on the computer, Science ~ about to jump into zoology with both feet.  We are also going to get Rosetta Stone Spanish downloaded onto this laptop and start that again (we will probably never be fluent in Spanish, but we will be able to understand a little)

I am wearing~ skirt, top, slip on tennies, ponytail

I am creating ~ wedding goodies, Gregs Tractor and barn cross stitch, pj pants for Will, and skirts for the girls & I  (my big stack of fabric is slowly shrinking ~ ohhhh, maybe that means another JoAnn's trip is in order !)  Katie is creating a "wedding quilt" for her bed and completing a smocked jumper from her smocking this summer.  This will be the beginning of her "hope chest for children" and a fair entry for her.

I am going~ to enjoy these last 7 1/2 weeks with my oldest daughter before she gets married

I am reading~ a book from my friend Betsy "Growing Up Amish" by Ira Wagler (pretty interesting so far), the Bible, ABeka Biology, magazines

I am praying~ for family situations, Allen's upcoming ultrasound on his heart, my friend Rosana, her family and the little baby in her womb, Greg and his work situation

I am hearing~ fans blowing (the air conditioner cannot keep up with this heat), doggie claws on the wood floor, cars driving up and down the road

Around the house~ Katie is starting to pack some of her stuff, lots of crafting to complete projects for the fair, reading, skyping & texting, list making

One of my favorite things~ working on jigsaw puzzles with Greg & the kids (this is a newly acquired like, I never liked them before)  The next puzzle is mine ~ looks like a sewing basket spilled out onto a table ~ lots of threads, etc.

A few plans for the rest of the week~ jelly making, canning peas, crafting, hopefully finishing chicken coop, Bible Study, swimming, long hot nights at home

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  1. It's fun to catch up on your news since I've been so busy these last two weeks. I'm so glad things are moving along for the wedding. This is such a special time for you. I've always loved doing puzzles and I should get one out, now that I'm taking a "moment" to rest. God bless all your current efforts!

  2. It looks like ya'll are busy with much fun and learning! I'm glad you are enjoying the book :o) Thanks for the sweet encouragement!


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