Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We are.....

We are....

sewing dresses

making wedding guests lists

getting ready to visit St. Louis & the Cutlers


getting projects ready to work on in the RV

cleaning out the RV

having a swim party tomorrow night at our house

getting James' paperwork together for college grants

working on clothes for Orphanage in Haiti

making piles of stuff Greg to take to Haiti

marking fair project entries off the list

home ec grocery budgeting & planning with Katie

 coupon shopping at Walgreen's

anticipating Amy's braces coming off in 2 days

loads of praying for my friend Rosana and her precious baby

thinking of the future and all the changes the Lord has in store for us

We've been busy and its not slowing down.  We are enjoying our long days at home with no "formal" school work.  We will start school on Aug. 1, so its just around the corner.  The kids and I are looking forward to a week at Granny's while Greg is in Haiti. 

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  1. What a busy, busy girl you are! But it all sounds wonderful. What are you crocheting?


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