Monday, June 13, 2011

Multitude Monday 1101-1130

the blessings are overflowing.......

1101.  Young love

1102.  Heart Necklace

1103.  Roses

1104.  Clasped Hands

1105.  Laughter

1106.  talks of the future

1107.  Christian friends

1108.  sweetness

1109.  innocence

1110.  pool splashes

1111.  changed status on facebook

1112. being an active participant in the whole relationship

1113.  lots of games of pool

1114.  talks with Dads

1115.  1st hug

1116.  Parents discussions

1117.  knowing the Lord has brought this relationship in HIS timing

1118.  grilled shrimp & scallops (thanks Greg)

1119.   fresh, sweet cantaloupe

1119.  cold cuts, cheeses, fruits & crackers for lunch (yum!)

1120.  pictures "on the sly"

1121.  plenty of leftovers for Sunday lunch & dinner

1122.  anticipation of our visit July 1

1123.  letting our "little girl" grow up

1124.  long prayers for the Lords continued blessings & HIS will

1125.  the starting formulation of plans

1126.  being old fashioned

1127.  Amy's excitement over getting her braces off the end of the month

1128.  gleaning green beans

1129.  free olive trees

1130.  AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!  (We live in Miss. this is really important)

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