Tuesday, June 14, 2011


For today.....

Outside my window...sunny, hot, muggy, sticky summer day in Miss.

I am thinking...about the future

I am thankful for...a fun weekend with new friends

From the kitchen...don't know about dinner, but we will be snapping beans today that we picked yesterday

I am wearing...khaki skirt, t shirt, slip on tennies, hair is braided

I am creating...way too many things at once ~ but it sure is fun!

I am going...to rely on the Lord to show us His way and His will

I am reading...finishing Isaiah today, also I am going to reread the "Freedoms Holy Light" series set in the Revolutionary War era

I am praying...for the salvation of friends, a friends pregnancy

I am hearing...a weedeater, cars, kitchen sounds

From the learning room...reading, Bible Study, finishing craft projects, putting together jigsaw puzzles, gardening, listening to sermons, swimming

One of my favorite things...company

A few plans for the rest of the week...canning green beans, going to a friends to pick blackberries, crafts, Bible study, finishing the chicken coop, lots of swimming

A few pictures to share....

 The Lord is allowing us to be active participants in the courtship of our daughter Katie.  Its a beautiful, exciting, lovely, sweet thing to watch. 

Katie & Bryant

Amy's big smile with braces....in 2 weeks they will be gone!!!!!
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  1. I just love it when fresh veggies start coming in...You sound busy but having fun.
    Have a blessed week.
    Mama bear

  2. I love the sweet story unfolding at your house!!!


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