Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keeping Busy

Katie's 1st Extreme Couponing Trip to Walgreens ~ paid $3.40 Cash!

Katie, Amy & Emmalynn's Yummy Chocolate Marble Cake for dessert on Wednesday night!

Baby dress for my little friend Lauren! 

Another smocked dress for Lauren!
Yesterday I traveled farther down the road of pressure canning.  We now have 15 pints of canned black eyed peas.  Next I am going to can blueberries and then kidney beans for chili and casseroles.  And why can instead of freeze?  Probably the most important reason right now to me is ~ more jars to enter in the state fair and earn extra money.  I've got the jars, had the beans (frozen), and just needed a $1 box of lids.  Also, if we have a power outage from a tornado, hurricane, or tripped breaker ~ this food
won't spoil!  Its something I've wanted to do for several years, just had to work up the courage
to use the pressure canner (its always been a scary concept to me).

The Lord has richly blessed us this week with rain.  My tomato plants are tremendously happy.
The cucumber and bell pepper plants are thriving also ~ Katie and I are looking
forward to pickle making days!  Greg is thrilled that the rain has filled the pool to capacity +.  And we don't need to run the sprinklers for the trees and garden.  Bonus ~ its cooled the weather down 10-15 degrees during the day.  We've had many 100+ temp days already, and its only June.

Will has been in Memphis all week.  From the sounds of everything, the week is great.
He is part of a mission team from our church ministering to children in inner city
neighborhoods.   He loves children, so this is a perfect fit for him.  He gets home
tomorrow and I am sure we will hear many stories.


  1. I love those smocked dresses. Beautiful. You are so talented.
    Good for Katie. I am training my daughter in the art of deal shopping now too.

  2. I've recently hopped on the pressure canning train as well. We've been canning pinto beans and different I have 3 gallons of beef broth and 2 quarts of turkey broth to pressure can along with about a dozen pints of applesauce and some tomatoes as well. We've also been learning how to dehydrate and that is so fun!! Found you through Mrs. Trixi! We live in the Tupelo area.


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