Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun Morning

We spent the morning with our twin friends, their sister Emmalyn, & brothers Jonathan & Benjamin.  We had a blast.  And I found out my house IS NOT baby proof.  Just ask the cutesy red headed babies toting around bottles of glue, playing with pom poms, and unloading craft supplies from the shelves.  They had fun...we followed them around taking goodies from their hands or mouths.  However the puppies enjoyed it when cheerios were dropped!  They did not want to play with tupperware bowls, spoons, little rubber animals, or those type things.  They wanted the no-no items.

Their big sister,  Emmalyn along with Katie & Amy were sewing together and making skirts.  They turned out beautifully. The girls did each step with just minor instructions.  Amy even cut out her own fabric (something she does not like).  They have plans to wear them to church on Sunday.  E & A will have to find tops to match their print skirts.

The babies decided that one of their favorite place to play was my bed.  They loved running up and down the mattress ~ we however, were quite busy making sure they didn't fall off.  Keeping up with these 2 is a full time + job!

I've often thanked Rosana for having babies for us to play with.  And the Lord is blessing them with another one in the fall.  I don't know how they get schoolwork done...its just too much fun to play with babies!

**I love watching babies who are just learning to walk.  This morning was 5 steps forward, 1 backward, a couple sideways, and if you are falling grab your sisters shirt and take her down too!  They looked like they were coming off a drinking binge.  They walk faster if they have something they shouldn't be playing with ~ and giggle as they go!


  1. The skirts look GREAT!! Oh, my how the babies have grown. It goes by so quick.
    Oh, and I can comment again!!:)

  2. Those skirts are great! You know how I sympathize this week. I'm so glad to see another generation of girls are learning to sew. It isn't easy and it isn't as economical as it used to be, but it is such a valuable skill. I empathize with Amy and the cutting out. That is my least favorite thing as well. If someone would just cut everything out, I would sew, sew, sew. Kudos to the girls!


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