Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday & the week

This has been the PERFECT Saturday!  It started out with our usual "sleeping a little later than normal", we got to talk to Rob & Allen, went to eat breakfast, & ran our errands. 

Today we have....planted corn, green beans & squash, spread 3 bales of pinestraw around all the tomatoes, blueberries, and roses, sunk up to my ankle in mud (really!  watering & then walking on freshly tilled soil can be messy).  We finished the new deck and got most of it stained/sealed.  We also have enough sealant to do the original smaller deck. 

We spent a lazy time floating in the pool, sipping sweet tea.  The kids and I made a run to Kroger.  And Andy came to visit for a couple of days.  Katie made sliders for dinner and I made brocolli salad to go with it. 

After dinner we finished to pine straw and cleaned up the cabana, which is Greg's new workshop.  Worked on my cross stitch for a little while and now we are ready to rest for the night.

We've had a great week with no school books ~ our first full week of "vacation".  The kids are working on a jigsaw puzzle, painting bird houses, and finishing quilting projects.  We've got to clean out our school baskets and get rid of what we don't need and put up what they want to save.  I've been chatting this week with a friend and her husband that are going to start homeschooling in the fall.  Its so much fun to encourage folks.

We will be reworking our chicken coop.  Our lovely ladies were terrorized by the dogs on Wed. while we were at church and we came home to 4 dead chickens.  The dogs pushed their way under the netting on the trampoline and created pandemonium.  We've been pretty depressed about the whole thing and Greg keeps calling the dogs "chicken killers".  So, no more trampoline run. We are making a wire pen that will be stonger than the green plastic chicken net.  My friend Trixi, read of our peril on FB and has offered us some chickens.  Seems she's got too many and gets 20 eggs a day (wow).

Thats all for now...we still haven't figured out what google is doing with the blogs.  Greg's got firefox set up on our computers but I have to exit that and get onto my blog through internet explorer.  Hopefully, we will figure this out soon.

Have a blessed Sunday!


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