Friday, April 29, 2011

Questions about the Royal Wedding

Some things Amy & I came up with this morning while watching the "after" wedding hoopla while we ate breakfast....
(we saw the part when everyone in London was waiting for them to come onto the balcony)

 Just when did those folks who stood right at the fence get there?

Did Princess Kate's arm get tired with all the waving?

Did she go to waving school?

 Is canary yellow really the right color for the Queen? (I personally think she looks better in blue)

 At any point in this whole engagement did Kate ever look at William and say
"you better treat me better than your Dad treated your Mom"?

 How many people in the crowd thought the couple was waving at them?  Probably most!

 How many folks were on FB and/or tweeting about where they were?

I'm sure it was a lovely ceremony.  Her dress was gorgeous.  All the fru-fru on Princes Charles, William & Harry was not "understated", actually it was kind of glaring & seemed to overshadow the bride.  As usual, the little girls from the wedding party were adorable ~ especially the pouty, curly headed little beauty on the balcony who seemed to be bored with the whole thing.  Amy thinks she was ready for wedding cake.

This young couple now faces the daunting task of being married and being in the limelight.
 Everything will be scrutinized to the most minute detail.
"Experts" will be analyzing everything about their lives & wanting to give advice.  And some of the experts won't have a clue what they are talking about cause they've never been married.
My prayer for this couple is that the Lord will knit their hearts together in love and service to him.
 That the world will leave them alone and let them be newlyweds.
That the demands of their "public lives" will not overshadow their marriage.
 That they keep in perspective "its not about the wedding ~ its about the marriage"

My perspective on this event is different than most ~ colored by the fact I've been riding in a car for 1000 miles for 2 days.  Also, it just seems to be so super extravagant given the horrible devastation wrought by the tornado's in the South this week. 

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