Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crocheted Coaster

This is my first attempt to crochet with string instead of yarn.  Amy and I think it turned out pretty well.  I really started out making a round coaster but after 3 rounds it still looked like a lumpy "something".  So, I pulled it out and started just like I do for a dishcloth.  Chained 18 and then started the 1/2 double crochets rows till it was square, then I single crochet around all the sides of the square and then I did double crochets around all of that.  I really like the lacy effect the double crochets give to the edges.

I use the double crochet stitch rarely and had to re-read the directions to accomplish the stitch.

Now, after I make 5 more I will have a set to enter in the fair.  (The pictures above are before it is blocked)

Amy is ready to try and wants to go buy some crochet string and a small hook at Walmart later.

Sets of these coasters would make a wonderful addition to the girls hopechests!

 (I was inspired to learn to crochet with string after seeing Kathleen's creations over at
 Miss Abigail's Hope Chest .
She has done some beautiful kitchen towels with crocheted edges to use as wedding gifts.  I commented on her blog and requested she publish a set of instructions for "dummies" that even I could follow...she did that today.  Thanks Kathleen!)


  1. I am soooo happy that you've caught this bug, Donna, and Amy too! You are going to love this, I promise. The coaster looks great, you've got the hang of it already. Blue ribbon, I'll bet. And thanks also for the referral. :o)

  2. I bought some thread and a small hook, but haven't tried anything yet ... I think I need to start looking for a pattern!


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