Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Fri-turday!

Happy Fri-turday everyone!  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  What?  You don't know what Fri-turday is?  Thats easy, its a Saturday on a Friday!  Greg took off work, we slept late, went out to eat breakfast, ran errands, came back home for a little bit, picked up the kids and ran more errands.

We've got framing boards to start our new deck.  I got a floor quilting stand for hand quilting a bigger quilt (decided yesterday I like hand quilting ALOT better than machine quilting) with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.  Amy got some fabric to finish her log cabin quilt.  I sent in an order to Vision Forum during their huge Spring Sale...........if anyone wants to order anything please go through my affiliate link at the top of the blog.  Their sale ends tomorrow night.  There are lots of CD's that are only $2-$3 and sets that are $15 or so.  Got some goodies for our homeschooling next year!

Tomorrow, we are going with a group from our church to Tinsley, MS to help out a small church up there.  Some replacement of siding, replacing carpet and bringing their pews back in, visiting in the community, and then a cook out up there tomorrow night.    Ought to be a full fun day together serving this church and the Lord.
Last night was our Associational Youth Bible Drill.  All of our kids did great and are advancing to the State Drill next week!  This was Amy & Will's 2nd year and they were much more comfortable this year.  They've worked really hard and it showed last night.

Sunday, our church is doing 2 revival services.  We are excited to see how the Lord will move in the services and are praying for many souls to be brought to him. 

Hope your Fri-turday night is a good one!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!!

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