Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cake Decorating ~ 4 weeks of delicious fun

 Amy and Katie wanted to take a Cake Decorating Class.  So we headed to our local Michaels Store to sign up for the Wilton Classes.  Little did we know ~ they would be the only ones in the Level 1 class.  They had a wonderful, messy, creative, yummy time.

Lessons that aren't covered in the book...
1.  pull your hair back
2.  If 2 sisters take the class ~ make each class cake 1 layer (we did not need 2  ~ 2 layer cakes at our house for 2 weeks!)
3.  the photographer should make sure the battery is charged before she gets to class (oops)
4.  Have fun!!!!!
5.  Raising 2 future homemakers is a lot of fun!  Amen!
class 1 - decorated sugar cookies

class 2 - decorated 1 layer cake

class 2- decorated 1 layer cake

class 3 - cupcakes

class 3 - cupcakes

When A & K are unsupervised with their icing coloring -bright, bold things happen.
Guess what Katie is decorating her "grad" cake with ~ to you it may look like a leafy vine but to me...

its poison ivy!  THEN she told me I couldn't eat any of her cake cause of my p.i. allergy.  HA, I ate the roses section!
Amy's "grad" cake.  She is taking hers to Bible Drill tonight to share!
The proud Level 1 graduates!!!!!

Katie's Official Certificate
. Amy's official Certificate      


  1. How much are the courses?And do you have any in southaven ms

  2. Lauren, My daughters took the classes at Michaels Craft Store...I dont' remember how much they were, but they frequently have specials on the classes. Hobby Lobby and JoAnns also have the classes. They had lots of fun...and everything was delicious!


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