Thursday, February 24, 2011

Signs of Spring

My Grand puppy Rocky.  Cute dog but when his pit comes out he will have to stay home )he is a pit boxer)
buds on my Peach Tree ~ hopefully the squirrels won't eat all the peaches this year

tiny purple violets from my Moms yard ~ before that they grew in my grandmothers yard

the camellia is always gorgeous

more flowers ~ plus 2 "volunteer" plants are coming up also!

our over-zealous plum tree

Don't take my picture...egg laying going on here!

Allen is here!  He and I went out to eat lunch together and then he had some running around to do.  Tomorrow, he is supposed to be here all day working outside for us.  we've got some trees to eliminate, lots of branches to clip and the outside of the porch to prime for painting.  Gonna be a busy couple of days.

The springtime weather is gorgeous.  Yesterday while Greg was smoking meat and Will was pressure washing the workshop, I sat in the beautiful sunshine.  These last 2 weeks of beautiful weather have been a blessing!

Tonight, Greg, Will & maybe James are going to the Men's meeting at church.  So the girls and I will have some serious crafting time watching something girlie!  I love having daughters!


  1. Sounds like fun! We are enjoying this lovely weather also! See you soon :o)

  2. I love your over zealous plum. I can't wait to have one!! I am glad you are enjoying your visit. I don't blame you about the pit part. I am not too crazy about them either. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. your grand puppy is really cute. great eyes.


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