Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Week

Our week has been full of cooking, wrapping, more cooking, planning, sewing, more wrapping, prayer, listening, eating, talking......

Rob & Andy were here for the weekend and then they headed back to Starkville on Monday.  Today, they came back and then Andy headed to Hattiesburg for Christmas Eve & Christmas morning with his girlfriends family, then they come to our house.

Greg worked Monday & Tuesday and is taking off the rest of the week.  I love him being home to help, eat, frame, listen with me, pray, etc.

On Tuesday night, I got a phone call that a friend had Venison for me at the butcher.  FINALLY, someone took my whining for venison seriously.  I've been telling folks for 16 years that I would love some...most just laughed or ignored me or both.  So, we paid the butcher and came home with about 30 pounds.  It went in our Chili tonight and was wonderful!

Wed. night was our monthly church dinner.  It was so great for Greg to spend the day with us and be able to help all day with the dinner.  It certainly made the time less stressful for me.  The December Fellowship Meal started in the sanctuary with the Lords Supper. Scripture reading, examining our hearts, prayer and then the Lords Supper.  Then we all met and ate yummy food ~ we prepared the meats and everyone brought sides and desserts.  The Pastor told us to clean out the freezer and we took him at his word.  We fixed barbeque chicken, a white chicken spaghetti (Greg made up the recipe yesterday and everyone loved it), chicken strips, spaghetti, and pigs in a blanket.  An eclectic mix but it was all in the freezer!

Today I finished stitching my last 3 gifts!  Hooray!  I've gotten most everything wrapped.  Listened to 4 sermons on Sermon Audio.  Gotten lots of pictures framed and hung.  Its time to rest! 

We found a guy on Sermon Audio named Jeff Lyle, he is a Pastor in Lawrenceville, GA.  I've listened to one of his sermons on Christmas and today I listened to 2 on young men & young women.  They are listed on his 2nd page under his name.  Both were excellent on young people concentrating on what the Lord is leading them to do, how to act, etc. and less of what the world wants.  Excellent messages.  Then we listened to Paul Washer ~ he is a young man with a Passion for the Gospel and he holds nothing back.  His sermons are straight from the scriptures and don't contain "touchy feeley, lovey dovey" non-condemning messages.  He shoots straight and tells it like it is.  The 4th was Voddie Bauchum ~ straight forward, straight talking, plain Gospel.  Something that I feel is lacking in a lot of todays messages.

Our own Pastor does an awesome job of systematically preaching through a passage of the Scriptures, tying the Old & New Testament together, and doesn't "pussy foot" around.  When you leave the service or Bible Study ~ God has been there and you know what's what.  I've left many services at other places and wondered what in the world the Pastor was talking about.  Or, left feeling like they didn't attack sin as SIN, and tried to make everyone feel good. 

I really didn't start this post as a rant...but it turned into one!

We are praying for several folks...Our sweet friend Izzy tripped and fell yesterday and broke her arm.  A family at church had a grandmother die this week and then one of their sons was rushed to the hospital yesterday ~ I don't know many details about him but his condition is complicated by the fact he is also diabetic.  My friend Rosana brought a neighbor girl to church with her last night and the girl is seeking the Lord and asking questions ~ she has a 1 year old little boy and a family that is evidentally anti-God and mocking her seeking. 

Christmas is in 2 days.  We've waited all year for the celebration, fun, gifting, etc.  I hope you enjoy the season with your family and friends!


Welcome to the farm ~ we are a blended family with 7 children (3 are married), 4 grandsons, 5 dogs, 3 rabbits, and 15 chickens living on 3 acres in Georgia. I love crafting, sewing, cooking & canning, recipes of all kinds, reading, playing with my little buddies, family time, travel, pinterest and most of all the Lord.