Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Lord is working in the Hearts of our Youth Group

I've heard lots of people complain about the selfish "teen-age" generation of today.  How they only care about themselves and won't go out of their way to help others.  There is a special group of young adults at our church who have banded together to bring Joy, a little Happiness, and a lot of friendship to a young man in our community who has Leukemia.

Here is his story...

J was diagnosed with Leukemia about 2 years ago.  He is the youngest of his parents children.  The parents have taken him all over the country for treatment.  He's had 2 major surgeries and the last surgery removed over 700 tumors from his body (not a hundred).  The doctors told his parents about 3 weeks ago, there is nothing more they can do except make him comfortable & manage his pain, as much as they can. 
While this family was in Houston, TX at a hospital, they got word their house had burned down.  The house also contained the fathers workshop/tools etc.  They are back from TX and living in their RV. 
The parents are devastated.  Their home is gone and their youngest son is dying from a horrible, painful disease.

When we heard about their "plight" our young people took action and started planning...fundraisers, fun times for J, etc.  As parents, we didn't know how this would work out or how they could handle this.  Its a good thing we stepped out of the way and let the Lord work through these teens.

Their first fundraiser was selling little paper hearts for donations...folks could buy a heart, write the family a message and donate some money.  In one Sunday, with no advance notice, they raised $600.  The money and heart messages were delivered to the family.

They learned that one thing J wanted to do when he came "home" was to have fun.  They had planned a bowling outing but J is not able to participate.  Plan 2 happened last night...

About 25 of our "teen generation, that cares only about themselves" decided to have a Christmas Party for J.  They planned everything and only needed adults for drivers/chaperones.  At 4:30 yesterday, they headed to his parents property (there is a small store on the property where Dad can sell his crafts ~ knives, swords, etc) armed with sweets, salty snacks, drinks, games, and good intentions.  The little store was packed, the kids had fun, J was blessed, the Lord granted happy times to all!  The mom told one of the adults that when J first got sick, he had lots of visits from his friends ~ as this has progressed the visits were less & less and farther & farther apart.  Even his best friend has stopped visiting.  My 3 got home last night at 8:00, full of stories of fun times & fellowship.  They want to go back.

Now here is part of the story, I haven't told one in our group had met this young man till last night.  They are not members of our church.  This was the Lord bringing this 16 year old young man together with our young people.  I pray he was as blessed as our kids were.

The doctors have said there is nothing more they can do.  The Lord holds this young mans life in his hands.  He may choose to glorify himself by completely healing J, and thus letting our children witness this miracle.  Or he may choose to glorify himself by taking J to his heavenly home ~ earlier than his parents are prepared for.

We have all been touched by his courage, determination, and strength.  He touched 25 peoples hearts last night.  There are 3 teens at my house that will probably never forget last night!


  1. I have been blessed!!!
    I too have these kind of teenagers but it is so encouraging to know that there are so many more out there. Praise the Lord.

  2. Thanks Trixi! I cried writing it and I cry thinking about it. The girls read it and they were told last night that it was 800 tumors, not 700. My heart and mind just cannot fathom what his parents are going through.

  3. that is a beautiful testament to how God can work through anyone. I will pray for J and the youth group.

  4. So awesome. Our kids are looking for real, authentic faith and action - it is awesome that this group isn't waiting around for an adult to lead them - they are leading themselves! Praise the Lord!!


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