Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today's Doings...

Peel, cut, cube white potatoes for potato salad for dinner tonight ~ Done
 Boil eggs for salad...Mix up and refrigerate salad ~ Done
Cook, scoop out, & mix up sweet potatoes for feast tomorrow ~ Cooked, finish rest in the morning

Bake cornbread, let cool, then mix up dressing for feast tomorrow, store in fridge till baking time ~ Cooked, finish rest in the morning

Clean living room, vacuum ~ dust ~ polish floors ~ Done, plus added Dining Room, entry and bedroom

 Iron pile of clothes and put away ~ Done

Last day of homeschool till January!!!!!~ Done...can I hear an AMEN!
Take Amy & Katie to Park Place for dance rehersal for presentation of Living Tree next week. ~ Done - 2 hour rehersal

Spend time with Greg...cause he is getting off work at noon today! ~ Done..lunch date with him, Will, Rob and Sarah while girls at dance.

Help Greg prepare and grill the whole pork loin for barbeque dinner tonight with 6 of our 7 blessings. ~ Done, about to eat

Mix up and cook baked beans for dinner tonight. ~ Done, they smell great

Make Apple Crisp for dinner. ~ not done
Get Amy to make Chocolate Pie for dessert tomorrow. ~ not done

Added to the done list are the lights and decorations for the outside of the house.  It was a gorgeous day and I had willing helpers.  Plus they got all of my decorations out of the attic.  Decking the halls starts on Friday!

I am very Thankful for good food to eat, good helpers in the preparation, good company with our children, special times spent with Greg & our Heavenly Father who has blessed us way beyond anything we deserve or merit.

He is the giver of all good and perfect things.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!!!

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