Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dear Kroger Shoppers....

Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of every, single November!  It shouldn't come as a surprise, but evidentally it does, every single year.
I had about 15 things on my list...they took 1 hour and 45 minutes to buyNone were essential for Thursday, just some stuff we needed.

So here goes my rant....

2 seperate couples thought it would be easier and faster to divide and conquer the store.  Sounds like a sound plan except for the fact they both stood on each end of whatever aisle they were on, yelling to each other to see who got what item.  (neither couple evidentally thought to divide the list, just scream at each other)

Dear Lady buying a cart load of junk food....I don't think you really needed to block the aisle looking for sugar free pudding.
To the lady trying to decide what rolls to buy for Thanksgiving dinner...it only comes once a year (remember the 4th Thurs. of Nov.) buy your family the Sister Shubert's rolls and forget about the no name parkerhouse rolls.  And don't block the freezer section as you call 5 people to ask their opinion.

Dear Dad shopping with your wife and "precious" son...jr. doesn't need to be weaving in and out of shopping carts while you laugh at him.  No one else thought it was cute.

Now my favorite....Dear Check out Teenager...YES, I will use my coupons for each item, I will want credit for bringing my own shopping bags, I will use each "credit" check I got for having a Kroger card,  I will make sure I got buy one get one free credit for each item that qualified.  

Dear Mom thats standing in the parking lot with her teenage daughter and daughter's boyfriend..its not appropriate for them to have excessive public displays of attention while you watch.  Shame, shame, shame...on them and you.  Is there no decency left? (I guess that answer is no with this family)

That concludes my Kroger rant.  Its not Krogers fault (well the smarty checkout guy could have been their fault), it was probably worse at Walmart.

And just so everyone has a month's notice...



  1. hahahahaha!! This is good Donna!! I could picture all of the scenarios in my head as I was reading them. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. I didn't make any of it up. It all happened in that hour and 45 minutes!


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