Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sound of Music

Last week my nephew Ben called to let me know the original movie cast of "The Sound of Music" would be on the Oprah show that day. (I guess he saw a commercial, this isn't a show any of us would normally watch.) This is hands down my all time favorite movie. Great story, wonderful music, and I still get nervous at the end when the Nazi's are searching the graveyard at the Abbey for the Captain.

Since we were not going to be home during the show, we recorded it and just watched it yesterday. It was really cool seeing everyone 45 years later. Watching their faces, as they talked, was fun. One of the movie "kids" made the comment, "we don't share any DNA, but we are a family". Which I thought was really neat coming from a group of people that made a movie together so long ago. They are coming out with a book next year about the movie.

But, Julie Andrews said a few "colorful" words that I could have done without. I also could have done without hearing that Christopher Plummer went on some drinking binges during the filming. I don't know why folks have to talk about everything that pops into their heads. And of course, Ophrah had a few choice comments & leading questions also. As much as I like some movies, I've decided I really don't want to know what goes on off screen or backstage.

The show ended on a really sweet note when the 4 great grandchildren of the real-life Captain & Maria Von Trapp came out and sang Edleweiss. Beautiful children and lovely voices.


  1. We watched this, too. I normally wouldn't watch Oprah, either but I broke my own rule for this one and I agree. I think I'd just as soon not know every detail! Still, seeing the great-grandchildren singing was worth it, I think!

    I see that your blog background isn't disappearing any more ... how'd you fix it?

  2. I don't really get to watch t.v. but I have always loved the Sound of Music. They just don't make movies like that anymore. Thanks for sharing...maybe I can find it on the web somewhere?

  3. I didn't see that but agree that the times I've found out the behind the scenes stuff and how the actors are in real life, I'd rather just not know. Have a great day!

  4. I didn't see the show but am amazed at how much we have in common. I love the Sound of Music, just as my family!!


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