Monday, November 1, 2010

Multitude Monday in Pictures! 591-610

591. Completed quilt squares

592. Beautiful Daughters

593. AWESOME Fried Shrimp Basket

594. 3 Beautiful children (LuLu's is owned by Lucy Buffett, Jimmy Buffett's sister)

595. an ocean loving daughter...even if the water is cold

596. a daughter chasing seabirds

597. a husband "practicing retirement"

598. Hershey who still loves us after the kids put her in the sand

600. brother & sister who love each other

601. meeting Voddie Bauchum at the Family Driven Faith Conference
602. This shirt says it all! (And he means it)

603. surprise visits from Allen

604. the birthday cake Rie's daughter Shelby baked for my birthday in Sept. YUMMY!

605. toe tingling, sweet kisses from my beloved

606. warm sand between my toes

607. collecting shells

608. long weekends

609. Greg taking us to the beach even though he hates the sand

610. Gods beautiful creation


  1. Beautiful,absolutely beautiful post.
    I love those quilts squares.
    It's funny that Greg doesn't like the sand, neither does my Katherine. My dad lives in Foley and most normal people would take advantage of that but not us because Katherine hates the beach. Oh, well.

  2. Great pictures! Your quilt squares make me want to learn to quilt and the shrimp basket just makes me hungry!

  3. Trixi, those are Katies quilt squares...they have been working on them since the last class and have quite a bit done. We went to the outlets in Foley yesterday.

    Jennifer the shrimp was yummy, I ate it all but I could share the calories with you! I left most of the fries, eating the shrimp was much more important!


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