Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday 506-530

505. birthdays

506. beautiful, yummy lemon was a Sewing Machine

507. a new book to read (Beverly Lewis)

508. a new Gaither Homecoming CD for the car

509. magazine holders to organize my stash

510. a surprise visit from my son that moved to GA

511. an azalea for my garden

512. some new clothes

513. 2 beautiful new puppies born on my birthday

514. daughters learning to cook

515. a long peaceful weekend

516. Christmas Shopping with Greg....89 days till Christmas

517. a powerful sermon on Heaven & Hell yesterday morning

518. sweet fellowship with ladies at church last night

519. watching my sweet daughters "dr" Hershey and her puppies

520. completing fair projects for drop off at the State Fair office on Friday

521. cooler weather...the high yesterday was only 80 and today its supposed to be 78 degrees

522. hearing raindrops on the roof

523. watching the Miss. State Bulldogs miraculously beat the GA Bulldogs in football

524. watching the Atlanta Falcons beat New Orleans Saints in football (hey, I'm a Falcons fan from way back!)

525. the ability to mute the dumb commercials during football games on tv

526. Cleaning out a closet and gathering 3 large bags for donations

527. a husband who takes his responsibilities seriously

528. hearing Greg pray for me and our children

529. hitting the "snooze" button in the mornings

530. fun activities planned for the week

1 comment:

  1. I could have snoozed all morning.

    You deserved a beautiful birthday, so glad you enjoyed it and your weekend.

    Thanks for letting me off the hook this morning, we will see you tomorrow.


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