Sunday, August 8, 2010

Year 15 is About to Begin

Tomorrow is the BIG day. My 15th year as a homeschooling Mama. When I began this journey in 1996, I never imagined all the blessings and difficulties it would bring. It has been more fun than I ever thought possible.

Highlights of the last 14 years

*Watching the lightbulb click on over a math concept (me and the children!)

*Teaching a child to read (Amy didn't like it to start with and struggled till she was about 9 1/2 and then everything fell into place. If you can't find her know, check her room, she is curled up with a book)

*Graduating 3 children from highschool (James, Allen & Katie)

*Spending hours studying history complete with tank/airplane coloring pages, war footage videos with James and Allen: With Greg, Katie, Will, & Amy touring Nat'l Parks & Battlefields, Presidential homes, & Washington DC.

*Watching & participating in children becoming young adults. Being with my children 24/7 offers me unique opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise.

*Turning everyday life into a learning adventure. Yesterday, we scooped up frog eggs from our pool and now the kids are watching for tadpoles. We've been avid chicken watchers this spring/summer...they are funny to watch.

*Seeing my younger 3 children become really good friends.

*Watching the transformation to homeschool Dad in Greg. He plans wonderful adventures and trips for our family to take advantage of educational opportunities.

*The knowledge that every day, the Lord gives me the strength to handle that day and all the situations that arise.


  1. It's wonderful isn't it!?! I would never trade anything for the pleasure of teaching my kids to read.

  2. Happy 15th anniversary! That is amazing. You get huge kudos from me!


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