Thursday, August 5, 2010


Several months ago, us Keepers Moms came up with the brilliant idea of the girls learning how to crochet. They were all going to make a dishcloth to enter in the State Fair. When we sat down with the fair book, we discovered they needed to enter something larger, so they are all doing a scarf. Hopefully, there will be some completed ones.

So who did the adorably cute, wonderfully colorful dishcloth in the picture, you may be asking....ME. I can't believe its done AND that it looks decent (ok, I think its great for the first attempt). Well, its almost done, tomorrow I will have to learn how to do the border around the outside. I've got enough yarn left for another one, so it'll get started soon.

My grandmother (MaMa) crocheted ALL the time. She made beautiful afghans, bedspreads, baby sets, hats and scarves. Yesterday, when I posted on facebook that I was learning to crochet, but I wasn't convinced it was fun...My sister told me to "let out my inner MaMa." I was really thinking the inner MaMa skipped my generation, but maybe a little, tiny bit lingered. She was extremely talented and maybe she would be excited over my little dishcloth.

MaMa, we miss you bunches!


  1. It looks lovely. You did a great job.

  2. I knew you'd get it! Good job! LB is making good progress on her scarf, so I am betting it will be ready to enter.


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