Monday, August 23, 2010

Multitude Monday 401-430

401. A friend that "gets" me

402. Learning new things together

403. Fun lessons for history & biology

404. new friends wanting to join Keepers

405. Spice Cake (even though they fell completely apart)

406. bulk spices

407. shopping at our local "hippie" grocery

408. a freshly cut yard

409. new shelves for Greg's workshop

410. a freezer full of food

411. surprising Mom with a crocheted dishcloth

412. surprising Rie with a crocheted dishcloth

413. "liking" crochet now

414. quiet times with the family

415. no tv

416. Or decent tv

417. finding out the Lords plan a week after you visit someone (or finding out something the Lord already knows about someone you visited from the church)

418. getting chores accomplished on Sat. and still having "swim time"

419. the routine of school

420. home cooked meals

421. watching children ages 1-17 swim in your pool and having a wonderful time together

422. hot dog/hamburger cookouts

423. making 3 new skirts

424. a new apron pattern

425. feminine daughters

426. trying new recipes

427. drinks with sugar not HFCS

428. a paintable nativity set from Hobby Lobby

429. $$$$ to complete projects

430. dreams of the future


  1. Thanks for my dishcloth, I've never received a "get well" dishcloth before. Do I get another one after I have the other eye done?

    Love, Mom

  2. So much to be thankful for! what a wonderful way to document it all. :-) Have a great week.

  3. I love my dishcloth! How horrible would it be to ask for another one now that you are "liking" crochet?!!

    We had such a good time today. Thanks for teaching her science, I really don't like that subject, and you do it so well.

  4. I just love your multitude Mondays. It's so refreshing to see gratitude in the little things. We have so much to be thankful for!!


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