Monday, August 2, 2010

Multitude Monday 321-350

321. completed baby dresses for a friend

322. Saturday morning dates with my beloved

323. safe arrival of our Mission Team to Haiti

324. boxes of new school books

325. a dinner table packed with family (I missed you Allen)

326. the smell of fresh baked wheat bread

327. payday

328. braces that make smiles even more beautiful

329. watching/hearing my 3 youngest children sing during the offertory at church yesterday with 3 of their friends

330. having books in their new home

331. back to school ads

332. the excitement of a new homeschool year starting next week

333. new crayons

334. indoor projects to do on these hot summer days

335. fresh baked muffins

336. comfortable clothes

337. sandals

338. help in the kitchen

339. praying with Greg

340. looking forward to football season

341. a successful shopping trip with Allen

342. a lunch date with Al before our shopping

343. Greg getting off work early

344. new locks and alarms on doors

345. piles of fabric

346. free homeschool resources on the internet

347. adult conversations with our children

348. the love of my husband

349. hugs & prayers with my youngest daughter

350. Allens' safe trip to GA

1 comment:

  1. When we slow down long enough to think about it, there are certainly many things to be thankful for. Great list!


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