Tuesday, August 3, 2010


For today, 8-3-2010

Outside my window...
sunny, hot, humid, summer...105 degrees yesterday

I am thinking... that I still have too many unfinished projects

I am thankful for... Allen's safe trip to GA, our family dinner on Sunday night, a husband who love to grill

From the learning rooms... straightening baskets, drawers, and binders for school to start next week. Planning for our Biology/History co-op with Rie.

From the kitchen... more cucumbers to cut up for relish, spaghetti for dinner, I need to get the discipline for Menu Planning back since our school schedule will start on Monday.

I am wearing... clothes, no shoes

I am creating... I finished the smocked dresses for the twins (they will get ironed today and delivered tomorrow). Have finished the word kitchen in my Donna's Kitchen picture and almost done with one N. I am also creating orderly bookcases for Greg & I. Maybe this will eliminate some endless searching for books we "know" are here somewhere. We are also creating a workshop for Greg and will be able to move his tools from the garage.

I am going... to keep organizing, to Walmart, to Walgreens to get my printer ink refilled

I am reading... Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham Jr. This is an excellent book and easy to read but it takes time to "digest" what he writes. Its not a book to just sit down and read cover to cover. It is making me think about how much more diligent we all need to be about training and disciplining our children so they know why THEY believe, not just because we believe.

I am praying... that Allen finds a job soon in GA.

I am hearing... talk radio, computer keys being typed on, cars driving up and down the road, a lawnmower

Around the house... making the most of our last week of "Christmas in July" (we added a week since we were in VA for a week), enjoying our last NO school week (well except for Katie who is studying her College Plus books), organizing & cooking

One of my favorite things... working together as a family to finish projects "Many hands make light work"

A few things for the rest of the week... swimming, crafts, bible study, reading


  1. I'm with you on the too many unfinished projects!

    Praying for Allen.

  2. I love "Family Driven Faith" ... I've read it twice, but still don't live it as well as I would like.


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