Monday, July 5, 2010

Multitude Monday 201-231

1000 blessings continued...

201. chocolatey-fudgey, ooey-gooey yummy candy

202. cool breezes on the dock

203. watching Greg ride the jet ski

204. seeing how tall the cousins have grown

205. ages 10-17 cousins playing together

206. poison ivy that is FINALLY going away...after 3 weeks, 3 rounds of steriods, antibiotics, and allergy pills

207. getting my quilt sandwiched together and basted

208. no conflict

209. safety during our 13 hour drive to VA

210. spending the week with Greg

211. peaceful nights sleep

212. fireworks for the 4th

213. paper plates

214. cucumbers getting ripe

215. rows of glistening canning jars full of grape jelly

216. promise of tilled dirt in a friends garden to have more plants next year

217. sun burned cheeks on my babies

218. hearing "Mama" from my oldest daughter

219. exhausted children reading in the afternoon

220. Voddie Bauchum sermons in the car

221. my sweetheart in his overalls

222. hummingbirds

223. freedom to worship the Lord

224. freedom to homeschool my children

225. freedom to have as many children as I want

226. freedom to shop and provide for my family

227. freedom to teach my children "un-politically correct" history

228. freedom to blog

229. freedom to travel

230. freedoms given to me by the founding Fathers of our country

231. freedoms protected by the Military

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  1. #218 made me tear up. I know that is a gift to you.


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