Monday, June 28, 2010

Multitude Monday 171-200

171. curriculum being delivered for next school year

172. a friend to can with

173. cheap pizzas at Little Ceasars

174. willing helpers for snapping green beans

175. free squash

176. poison ivy that could be finally trying to clear up some (I am not sure yet)

177. tomatoes from a Mennonite farm

178. 3 little piggies in their new home

179. finding the poison ivy in the back yard and Super Hubby valiantly trying to eradicate it

180. rain for the garden

181. giving up weed eating (its how I got the poison ivy)

182. vacation time next week with Greg

183. my little "homestead" in the suburbs

184. the birthday of my nephew, Ben (yikes, he is 12)

185. sweet tea and a club sandwich at McAllisters Deli

186. magazines in the mail

187. a successful, fun, safe weekend for our youth group

188. upcoming ice cream party at our house for youth

189. dinner in the crockpot

190. tomato plants (finally planted, really thankful for the rain now!)

191. talking to sons that are no longer living at home

192. delivery of Katie's College Plus materials to get started with

193. homemade pound cake

194. hugs from Max (they are few and far between, but much appreciated)

195. friends who "dream" with us about providing for our families (i.e. chickens & pigs, canning vegies)

196. sandals in the summertime

197. a glorious, fun weekend with my husband while kids were at camp

198. dinner and a movie (last Friday night)

199. fresh green beans for dinner

200. a good nights sleep

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  1. I was just fixing to email and check on you. When you said you prayed several times during the night I was afraid you didn't sleep well. Still able to count those blessings, though.

    I still felt so bad about mine and his fight that I forgot my blessings.


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