Monday, June 21, 2010

Multitude Monday 150-170

150. Spending Fathers Day with the Daddy of my children

151. finding a D.A.D.D. t-shirt for my husband (Dads Against Daughters Dating)

152. Steaks on the Meat Managers Special at the grocery store

153. a 16 year old son who loves to spend time with Dad

154. Amy's chocolate pie with whipped cream

155. Katie "devouring" books

156. a finished quilt top

157. shopping for fabric

158. the promise through a shot, antibiotics, & allergy pills of poison ivy clearing up (Please Lord)

159. a dr. who made a house call this weekend

160. choosing curriculum for next school year

161. Sun Crystals in my sweet tea

162. a pile of fabric slowly becoming Christmas gifts

163. book sales that yeild treasures for homeschooling

164. a clean sewing table (this doesn't happen often!)

165. helping the Haiti team get ready for their trip

166. hearts with a commitment for Missions

167. our marriage bible study

168. seeing my youngest children grow and mature as Christians

169. my 17 year old daughters willingness to jump in and help in the kitchen when needed

170. being the oldest parents with the oldest kids at "Toy Story 3" on Friday

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