Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whats the Point?

Whats the point? Why? Aren't you being overprotective? Do they ever see any other kids? Are you qualified to teach them? Whats wrong with school? What about socialization? It was good enough for you, why not for them? You're already done with school for the day? They need to learn these things sometime. They won't be prepared for life. And so on and so on and so on.....

I hear these comments and more about homeschooling. However, I could ask any public school mom the exact questions. What kind of answers would I get?

Honestly, I would love for my children to start saying..."No, we never get out of the house and see any other kids, Mom chains us to the kitchen table all day and we work". Or "when we go to church on Sunday, we have blinders on so we don't see other people".

The point our children the best education we can. Infused with our values, a "real" study of American History, and understanding of the world we live in from a Christian perspective. This education can be accelerated for concepts quickly grasped or slowed down for more intense study. We do this all the time. Actually that answered the why, too!

Aren't you being overprotective? Absolutely, without a doubt we are. We are protecting them from promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, world views, politically correct mumbo jumbo, poor habits, and being a "follower". Oh yeah, school violence...they only have to worry about that if I go ballistic! (It could happen, we do have some very frustrating days) But, they don't have to worry about knives or guns.

Do they ever see other kids? YES (out the window, while they are chained to the kitchen table...heeheeheehee). They are involved in science & history co-op classes with our homeschool group, quilting classes, dance lessons, bible drill at church, & youth group at church.

Are you qualified to teach them? That would be a yes too. No one in this world is going to care more about what they learn and how they learn it than me and their dad. But, if you want to get technical...I graduated from a 2 year technical college with a diploma for early childhood education with a 3.98 average.

Whats wrong with school? Some are great and some aren't. Here goes...lots of schools "teach to the test" for their federal funding, they teach or facilitate classes in tolerance while being intolerant to Christians, they belittle the role of parents in a childs life, they ridicule or tease children for sticking up for their values, and they create "cookie cutter" students who all think, act & look alike. They don't teach reading, writing and arithmetic. Many kids graduate and can't function in the world or in college. They haven't been taught independence, taking responsibility for yourself and your actions, study skills, how to balance a checkbook, standing on your own 2 feet, being a leader, etc.

Socialization...go up 3 paragraphs. We do have to stay home sometimes and do school! Besides, school isn't about socialization, its about learning.

It was good enough for me....Schools have changed alot since I graduated. There was no hidden agenda to indoctrinate me. I got the grades I deserved whether I liked it or not. If you failed, you social promotion. Children behaved, they didn't need drugs to sit still, metal detectors to make sure they weren't sneaking in a weapon, etc.

You're already done with school for the day? Some days we are done at noon and sometimes afterwards. Everyday is different. But I only have 3 children. We don't have to stand in line for the bathroom, stand in line for lunch, wait for computer time, or wait for anything. Do you realize how much time is wasted? We just start and keep going...much for time efficient.

They need to learn these things sometime....well, yes. But children or young teenagers don't need to be exposed to everything in the world all at the same time. My opinion...I am entitled to it.

They won't be prepared for life...HA! They can balance a checkbook, plan a menu, study on their own, find and read interesting books, read a map, talk to adults & children, discern right & wrong, cook a meal, plant a garden, plan their futures, be their own person, serve the Lord, etc. They can also dance, shoot a bow & arrow, sew quilt squares, cross stitch, cut the grass, work on a wood project, gain Bible knowledge, rest when sick, take care of others, go on Mission trips, etc.
To me, that seems to be pretty well rounded with life skills that will be helpful and useful.

I know that homeschooling isn't for everyone. But I do think that most of the questioners and scoffers would realize what a blessing it is if they tried it. We all have to do whats right for our own family. Just ask the Lord to guide you in making your choices...don't make them based on what everyone else is doing or on what people will think about you.


  1. OH YES!!! Preach it, Sister!

    All that goes ditto for me! I just don't have to get on my box to say it, I let Donna do it!

  2. Can I just state for the record - that I really admire you, your stance for your beliefs and convictions. The Lord is blessing your efforts with your children. Blessings!

  3. Quite good thoughts, Donna. Being so fresh to homeschooling, I can well remember the days (some of which were even last semester) when I said many of the above things. I think I was trying to protect myself from feeling bad for not giving it a try. Now that we're trying it, we love it and agree with pretty much what you said!

    And I think when people talk about them not being ready for the world, they mean "fitting in" with the crowd. When I think about the chance that my kids might fit in with the crowd I fit in with in college, I shudder! If homeschooling them means they'll have a better shot at maintaining values and individuality, then so be it, even if they don't fit in with the popular partiers...

  4. STEPHANIE! I still can't get the link to your blog. What is it?


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