Friday, April 9, 2010

We are really gonna do it.....

Its true! All the crazy things you heard about us are true! We are really gonna do it!

We are homeschooling COLLEGE!

Yep, we are not just jumping in the deep end...we are diving in.

Our life jacket is "College Plus". You can read all about it at

Katie has applied and been accepted. Now, the next step is enrolling, talking with her coach, and starting the program. All of the coaches have been through the program and know what to expect.

The plan is to work the program, study & take the tests, take online classes and have a 4 year degree in 2 1/2 - 3 years. She is smart, she is dedicated, she is determined, and she has some great cheerleaders (Greg & I). After all, she did 4 years of highschool in 3 years. And after that program is done, if she wants to continue on, she will only be 20. Plenty of time to earn more credits or degrees or whatever.

And before anyone sends emails questioning our sanity, her socialization, can we afford college, etc. We all 3 prayed for months about this and this is the answer the Lord led all of us too. You can question our sanity, but we like being "insane". Her socialization is fine. She wants to get a job (part time) and be able to travel with us when we go, this way she can. Yep, we can afford to send her to college...this ain't about money.

It is about flexibility, its about relationships, its about protection, its about getting a quality Christian education, its about learning to think and be independent.

Its exciting!


  1. I think it is a wonderful idea. While I think socialization is very inportant, I do believer there are other ways of socializing than putting your children in public schools. Remember the education aspect and the other will come. I have been around katie a bit and I personally think she is a beautiful, smart, respectful, talented, and overall well-rounded person. There is no question of her putting her mind to it and succeeding, she has already done that with flying colors. I wish you all the best with this endeavor. I wish as a young girl I had been given such a wonderful opportunity.

  2. Thats so WONDERFUL!!! Way to go! I love trailblazers like you guys! Both of mine said they don't want to go to college and be around the "stuff" and the "negative social influence". Josh has always talked about correspondence courses or online college. This may be our road too. I wanna know how this goes.

  3. Good for you! The only way we can change the face of education- the big fail that it is right now, is to do it ourselves, one step at a time. Our friends are looking to send their child to a very small (11 students) private, classical Christian College this Fall. Can't wait to hear how things are going.

  4. I haven't heard anything crazy about y'all -- maybe I haven't been around long enough. :) Seriously, though, I think that's great. You've got to respect it when someone comes to a decision that is well thought and prayed over. If it works, it works. There are plenty of kids now who go through high school and just don't want some of the baggage that comes with college so they do a lot of correspondence. I look forward to the updates!


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