Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

We are in GA! Got here Saturday night. We had a great drive over from Miss. but ran into traffic in downtown Atlanta (I guess all those spring break folks were coming back into town).

Sunday morning we went to church with Mama. This was the church I grew up in, so I knew lots of people. Their youth minister preached his 2nd ever sermon yesterday and he did an awesome job. He is in seminary at Mercer University. Then we went out to lunch with the Woodall's and Ana L. to Old Hickory House. Super yummy! I haven't had their brunswick stew in years and it was wonderful.

Yesterday I started downloading more of Mom's slides. These were really interesting, church youth trips when I was a teenager. Some of these pics I can't post on facebook. Some ideas that were great then seem really "stupid" now. But regardless, they happened, my parents knew about this and my daddy took pictures, I have the evidence. Last night, I email the pictures to the other parties involved and I haven't heard back from them yet. Surely, they didn't forget this costume party for a church get together. Nuff said! I am sure you are thinking weird things but I don't think you will ever guess this. We did win "most original" costumes!

My sister and her family came over last night. We feasted on pizza and key lime pie. My youngest 3 blessings and her youngest 3 blessings had a blast swinging, climbing trees and being kids in the backyard. Ages 4-17 played together for hours. But Amy is paying for all that fun and frivolity in the GA pollen. Her sinuses are going absolutely crazy. We left the pollen in Miss. to get the pollen in GA.

Today is a big day! My baby girl is 14 years old!!!!! My how time flies when you are having fun. We are going to "Bahama Breeze" for lunch. Its almost time to open presents. I'm sure the day will involve shopping. Later, we will feast on the cupcakes Amy picked out at Kroger yesterday. Lots of colorful, sweet icing. Happy Birthday Amy Lynn!

For the rest of the week...a trip to Mall of GA, fabric shopping at JoAnn's, sleeping late, sewing, and fun!


  1. I wish I was fabric shopping with you! I hope y'all have a great week, but please, don't bring back any of the GA pollen with you!

    Happy Birthday, Amy!

  2. Happy Birthday Amy love!

    Miss you guys. Have a wonderful week!


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