Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life Happens

Life happens everyday. And life happens whether you are ready for it or not. So here is life this week....

The weather has been gorgeous. And the pollen is flying. We need a rainstorm to wash some of the yellow down the gutters. Our peas are coming up and the sunflowers too. My hostas are peeking out of the ground. And one of my irises has a beautiful deep purple bloom.

Amy went to the dr. and walked out with 3 prescriptions for a sinus infection. Her cough has been awful but it seems better now. While there, I mentioned some problems I have been having and they did blood work. I have a thyroid condition that results in me being on medication forever. So once a year, they check all the levels to make sure its still ok for that dose. It came back fine. However, the test came back positive for rheumatoid arthritis. Now, I am not really surprised but it is still depressing. Me and joint pain aren't the best of friends and I don't really want to foster that friendship but the Lord has other plans. So prayers would be appreciated. I will be going to a rheumatologist as soon as I get an appointment.

Katie, Will and Amy started participating in Bible Drill at our new church. They started the end of Jan. All 3 kids have worked really hard and last night was the church Drill. They did great and will go to the Associational Drill next week. They are excited and we are proud of their hard work.

Greg is off work tomorrow! We will get a jump start on our weekend and get some more outdoorsy stuff done. Its time to plant the rest of the garden. I am ready for fresh vegies and vine ripe tomatoes. Gotta get our Apple trees in the ground too!

The temp. here is 80 degrees. The girls are wearing capri's and t-shirts. We are ready for summer to begin. The pool needs chemicals and warming up.

Happy Spring! Have a great Resurrection weekend!

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