Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One of my newer favorite books is "Managers of Their Homes" by Terri Maxwell. A gal in our homeschool group posted this book on the board because she wanted to sell it. She really didn't like it and wanted to pass it on. I had read about this book in different catalogs and on different websites and wanted to have it, so I took her up on the offer. The first time I read it, I wasn't too sure about it. Last summer I read it, started over and read it again, and did it again. 3 times in a row, front to back. I guess you could say the idea clicked in my head. So now I have a couple of different household schedules for days, weeks, months, etc.

Here is our daily schedule ~ we try to stick to this

Monday - Friday

I usually get up between 7 & 7:15 and get Greg off to work
Then I make up our bed, do clothes & makeup, read the bible, email, blog if there's time. If I get on the computer before anything else is done, I get hooked for an hour or so. (just being honest!)

7:30-8 Kids get up, make up beds, get dressed, bring down laundry basket if its laundry day
8-8:30 Breakfast, clean out dishwasher, reload, care for dogs
8:30-9 Bible reading, bible drill practice
9-whenever Math. It was 9-10 but they needed longer. Then it was 9-10:30 but with corrections to problems, sometimes it takes longer than that also. So they just do it till they are finished.
Rest of the morning....reading science & history lessons for co-op classes, vocabulary words, reading fun book, grammar, Spanish & typing (if math took a long time, some of these will get pushed off till afternoon)
Noon: we eat lunch and take an hour break from school, we always watch a video or taped show. Lately, we are watching through Season 3 of the Waltons.
Afternoons: finish school work, more reading, crafts, working in garden, playing with dogs, dinner prep, rarely, we will watch another tv show. They also get 30 minutes computer time to "play" a day, so this happens either in the afternoon or at night.
Dinnertime is varied usually between 5:30 & 6
after dinner: clean kitchen, baths, tv time with Dad, etc.
9 is bedtime for the kids

Weekly Schedules
Sunday: Church & Bible Drill, sometimes church "business" or committee meetings
Monday: Laundry Day
Tuesday: afternoon Dance classes
Wed. 1st & 3rd wed. of month ~ quilting classes (usually run errands afterwards)
2nd & 4th Wed. ~ Keepers at home
pm: church
Thursday: laundry day
Friday: Home Ec Day...the house gets cleaned!
2 Fridays a month: History & Science Co-op classes (I usually grocery shop during the co-op time)
Sat.: am Greg & Donna date favorite day of the week! Sleep a little later, breakfast out, errands to run, and then work on household projects, in the fall we watch alot of football!

School year schedule
beg. of August ~ end of Nov. & beg. of January ~ end of May
We take off the months of December, June & July. If we travel during regular school weeks, the books go with us. This year, they worked extra before & after our week at Disney, no books went on vacation except reading books!
School days are Monday ~ Thursday. Fridays are "No-school" Friday except for co-op days. We are still working and learning together, just not book work. And, you can get through each book, each year, with doing 4 days a week and taking off in December. I've done it for years, we always finish.

Schedules aren't for everybody but it works for us. You won't know, until you try it.


  1. oh I discovered this years ago and it changed our world! I haven't been to their site in a while and am pleased to see a chore organizer.. I'm thinking I just might have to incorporate this too!

    be blessed!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I found it inspiring and encouraging as I am still working this out in our homeschool. See you soon!


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