Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Am....

I am a wife, mom of 7, daughter, daughter in law, sister, sister in law, aunt, & great aunt.

I am a cook, baker, wheat grinder, label reader, cleaner, in charge of laundry, dust bunny annihilator or ignorer (!), food preserver & menu planner, decorator and organizer.

I am a sewer, smocker, cross stitcher, beginning quilter, photographer, scrapbooker, gift planner/giver, & surprise maker.

I am a grocery shopper, bargain hunter, coupon clipper, ad reader & Christmas shopper (all year long)!

I am a gardener, leaf raker, vegetable planter, flower lover, yard planner and composter.

I am a blogger, blog reader, lover of books, & magazine reader. Favorite reads are the Bible, "how to" books, cookbooks, Christian fiction & novels, encouraging wife/mom books, homeschool helps, and gardening books/magazines.

I am a fan of Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, 19 kids and Counting, Food Network, Love Comes Softly DVD series, Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, State Fair, Gone with the Wind, Disney Movies, and History Channel "documentaries".

I love chocolate, sweet tea, pound cake, homemade ice cream, fried chicken, green beans/lima beans/black eyed peas, corn on the cob, peanut butter, wheat bread, grits, meals my children fix for me, & meat my husband grills! And about a zillion other things.....

I am a crier, hugger, friend, prayer warrior, encourager, cheerleader & worrier.

I am a teacher, learner, planner, nurse, rehab coach, taxi driver, errand runner & appointment maker.

I am a Southerner who loves to travel and explore this great country with my family. I love the mountains and the beach. I want to visit Alaska and Hawaii. In 5 or so weeks I will have the honor of seeing the Grand Canyon and many other fun places west of the Miss. River!

I am a bible reading, conservative, pro-life, Christian who learns more about the Lord and his goodness and mercy daily.

So who are you? Please leave a comment and let me know about YOU!

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  1. Exhausted just reading this! I think we do not ever give ourselves enough credit to who we really are. Thanks for breaking it down.


Welcome to the farm ~ we are a blended family with 7 children (3 are married), 4 grandsons, 5 dogs, 3 rabbits, and 15 chickens living on 3 acres in Georgia. I love crafting, sewing, cooking & canning, recipes of all kinds, reading, playing with my little buddies, family time, travel, pinterest and most of all the Lord.