Thursday, March 4, 2010

Homestead Blessings Review

Do you know who the West ladies are? It's a mom and her 3 daughters. They have made a set of instructional DVD's to help us wanna be homesteaders learn new skills. Their DVD's are the Art of soap making, gardening, herbs, candle making, canning, bread making, cooking, and a new one is sewing.

We discovered these treasures last summer and have watched them numerous times & always pick up a new tip or trick. As Miss Vickie (the mom) says just about everything "its a blessing".

If you are looking for some family friendly DVD's to teach you a new skill, these are the ones to watch. They are produced by Franklin Springs in Tenn., and that is where I have ordered mine from. I also think they are available from Vision Forum.

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  1. Yes! I know who the West ladies are...I like their song, Green Beans in the Garden (smile). I would like to have their DVD's but have only seen clips from them. It's great to see a family working together and enjoying a simple, God fearing life.


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