Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Shopping

Grocery shopping in Honduras is sometimes "interesting". Here are a couple of "not common in the USA" items in the meat department...tongue,
Bull parts,
MSG, by the pound. Maybe its to cover up the taste of the above 2 items.
Hot Sauce anyone? In Honduras they take their Hot Sauces seriously. Bottles range from 5 limperas (about .25) to several dollars. If they make it in Honduras it really cheap. Its fun to buy these and experiment with them. We brought 2 bottles back for Allen to try.
And then there is the fabric store. To make the most of their room, they display the bolts laying down and they are stacked to the ceiling this way. The guy who owned this store spoke English really well. If you find a fabric way up high, he will climb a ladder to retrieve it. Beautiful fabrics. They are all 60" wide and range in price from $3 on up. I got 2 each for me and the girls for skirts and 2 for tablecloths. Spent 2 months of my budgeted fabric money but it was worth it!
Tomorrow I will do a Katie & Shelby post!


  1. I have seen tongue in a u.s grocery but not the other part...thank goodness!

  2. Yeah! It was a pretty startling discovery!


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