Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Katie J & Shelby C in Honduras

Shelby is supervising the pancakes...making sure Greg was cooking them correctly!
Katie is an expert egg cracker...she got to practice on about 50 eggs every morning!
Washing lots of pots, pans, and serving utensils. I tried to have everything washed before dinner started every night but there was still plenty for them to help with after dinner. They did a great job.
Katie is just a little tired! These girls put in some long days.

Ready to go out with the team for the first time!

Every morning the girls got up about 5:15, dressed and walked the 5 blocks (1/2 mile) with us to the church. Then they helped prep for breakfast, set up the tables and serve. Then they boarded the buses to go out with the medical team and work in the pharmacy all day. Late afternoon found them back at the church helping us get dinner on the table. After dinner cleanup and then the 5 block hike back to the hotel. They were the first ones working in the morning and the last ones at night. Their diligence was so appreciated by me and Greg and noted by many others on the team. These are hard working girls. I had a great time with them for the week and I am glad that they were both able to go!

Thanks for all your hard work Katie & Shelby!


  1. Hear Hear! I wholeheartedly agree! But they did look goofy walking around El Progresso with the masks on. I tried to get them to take them off, but no, they were too cool to take them off.

  2. We are proud - just as much of Katie as Shelby.

    She is a doll, as Amy is. Be proud!


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