Monday, January 25, 2010

Posting from Honduras

Please forgive any misspelled words or funny symbols...the keyboards down here a a little different.

The weather is beautiful and sunny...HOT. Something has got my allergies to going and I have a cough and runny nose. Am taking allergy stuff and using my inhaler. It seems to be pretty calm right now.

We are thrilled to have a large stove top and oven at the church, plus a fridge and freezer. We have hit the big time. We have walked and walked...4.5 miles Sat. and 4 miles Sun. Hopefully burning calories too! I have drunk lots of Mirinda, my very favorite drink down here.

The team is drinking 5 gallons of sweet tea every night and asking for more. It sure is a hit. Last night we had grilled hot dogs, sloppy joes and baked beans plus 4 chip dips Greg concocted and lots of chip selections. As usual, we cooked too much. At the end, we combined the sloppy joe sauce and baked beans and Katie and Greg started giving bowls to the church members as they got out of the services. They were very popular! Even to the children wanting the juice that was left in the bottom of the pan. They called it soup. Then we hauled out the leftover hotdogs, put them in buns, cut in half, and gave more away. We had men coming up and asking for the recipe in Spanish. Greg tried to explain as best he could. Several children laughed at my non-spanish. They love to see their pictures after I take them with the digital camera.

PRAISE REPORT: My little friend M that I have prayed for many months, is back with her foster father. I heard him talk about her the other day and found out she came back in Oct. About an hour later she ran into the kitchen and gave me huge hugs! It was great. I got to see her again last night for a few minutes.

I am typing this in an internet cafe, it cost about a $1 for an hour.

I am reminded again how totally spoiled I am and how much I take for granted. I can turn on my faucet and get warm, water. I can put my clothes in a washer and pull out clean clothes. I can shop once a week and come home and put the groceries in my fridge. We take so much for granted! Count your blessings.... I AM!!!!


  1. Yes, it is good to be reminded of how much we have when we live in an age of excess. I'm happy you can share so much with the people in the area around the church there.

  2. I am so glad you are having a blessed time ministering. May your favor continue.


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