Saturday, January 30, 2010

Experiencing Temperature Shock

We are back from Honduras. I have got so much to post, good and bad. You know that you are on the right path and making positive differences for God's kingdom when Satan focuses his meanness on you and your family. We experienced that this week. BUT, Praise the Lord, Satan was not victorious! There were at least 49 new believers birthed into the Lord's kingdom this week and over 2000 heard the gospel message as they received their medical care. Everyone on the team was safe and no one had any serious injuries or illnesses.

I will post more on that later. And my dear husband, who is my techie, nerdy, brainy guy will download all my pictures to share!

Now to temp. was about 95 degrees in Honduras all week long. But when we got to Atlanta it was 41. Over 50 degree drop in temp in just 4 hours. And today, driving home from GA., it was in the 30's all day. Greg, Katie & I have stuffy heads and runny noses now. That coupled with the post mission trip exhaustion is going to be the cause of some early bedtimes.

More to come....I am really excited about sharing all about our trip! Thanks for the prayers!

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