Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Appreciation & Acknowledgement

In this busy, busy time of the year lets remember to show appreciation and acknowledge kindnesses. It is so easy to "forget" to say thank you or I appreciate the job you did or thanks for your hard work. Do you ask people to do things for you & thank them or do you expect them to do something for you & then you forget about it? You may not think its a big deal, but it is.

Unfortunately, the world is full of folks who want everything and give nothing. I am not talking about material possessions but instead am talking about returning favors, asking if you can help, praying for each other, speaking a kind word, or saying Thank You.

As a Mom, I am guilty of wanting to get everything done and sometimes forgetting the help it took to get to "done". My girls are wonderful kitchen helpers...from cleaning out & loading the dishwasher everyday, wiping off the counters, keeping our tea & koolaid pitchers filled, and making us goodies. My 5 guys are wonderful, strong young men who help with outside chores, moving stuff in & out of the attic, decorating our yard for Christmas, keeping the pool clean, running errands, etc. Will is my #1 garbage collector, pool vacummer & dog feeder. My husband is a great provider, creative woodworker, lighting expert for holiday lights, computer & financial "geek", dreamer of the future, & indulgent homeschool dad (by indulgent I mean, I pick the curriculum and he buys it). I appreciate all of you and acknowledge publicly all that you do to make our house a home. Thank you!

Take time: to smile, to ask how someones day is, to pray for others, to see if you can serve another person, to be pleasant, to really listen to their concerns or hurts, give a hug, or say HI. I am sure there are many others. Look for opportunities to help & serve. Remember to say Thank You!


  1. I appreciate YOU. You know why, my friend.

    Love, Rie

  2. Thanks, its great to have someone to talk to! I appreciate you and your friendship also! Hope your rolls turned out good for the bible study!

  3. thank you for your post, yesterday we went downtown for a holiday event, and there was a homeless young man sleeping under the tree, and our 6 yr old asked if we could give him mommys blanket from the car. yes, it was my favorite cuddle "make me feel good" blanket, but the feeling i got from hearing my son want that done, was wonderful. sadly we had nothing more to give him, but i know he will at least be able to use the blanket.

  4. I am saying thank you for the lovely Santa Swap goodies. I have included you in a post .

    Have a very Merry Christmas.


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