Friday, June 22, 2018

What Not To Wear ~ at Disney

Disney is a great place to people watch.  Sitting on a bench, drinking a water is an awesome past time at the parks ~ especially if your feet need a rest and its 95 + degrees outside!  You see all kinds of outrageous outfits walking past you.  So here is my version of What Not To Wear.

Princess dresses are super cute...but your little princess will soon be scratching and complaining wearing that dress with all the tulle.  She needs extra clothes to change into after she meets Cinderella or Prince Charming.  And there is absolutely no place in walking the park for those little plastic, high heel princess shoes.  That will make a miserable, cranky princess and will ruin your magical day.  Go for comfort, my princess always wore tennis shoes.  And if your little princess is riding in a stroller and wearing a dress ~ please put bloomers, bike shorts or something similar on her.  Its hard to sit like a little lady in a stroller.

Please wear clothes that cover....I am not talking look like a nun.  But if your shorts don't cover your backside....they are not appropriate.  Saw this several times on our last trip.  Daisy Duke shorts really have no place in a theme park ~ just look at the practicality ~ your legs will not be comfortable sticking to every ride seat and every park bench...and the rest of us don't want that view.  If you wear a skirt all the time (my Preference) then you need something on under it....shorts, boxers, whatever ~ chafing happens and its not comfortable.  I recently bought some skorts with built in shorts, the skirt part comes to the knee.  Those are comfortable.  I ordered 3 over a couple of months ~ navy, black, and gray ~ basic colors, they match all my shirts.

There are a couple of days when Disney has a dress up day....Dapper Days.  People come in cute flouncy dresses, heels, suits and ties etc.  Think like the Mary Poppins movie style clothing.  But wearing that clothing all day, any other day is just plain silly.  Since you can easily log 4-6 miles a day of walking, your high heels will get uncomfortable.  Yes, we've seen this too.  

A bathing suit top has no place at Disney.  It used to be against the dress code and may still be, but I think people walk thru security appropriately dressed and then shed the shirts.  Wear a sleeveless top or tank top instead.

Makeup ~ keep it basic. Your makeup will melt off your face, especially in the summer months.  On our last trip, I saw several ladies reapplying their, powder, checking their false eyelashes, lipstick, etc.  If your makeup is more important that taking your kids to get in line for Pirates of the Caribean, then your priorities are screwed up.  And your make up will melt off anyway.  You are there to make memories.

Don't wear shoes with no support....I don't care how cute those sandals are.  Your feet will suffer and you will have a miserable day.  Sandals with support, tennis shoes and socks ~ comfortable footwear.  I usually take 2 pair of shoes and flip which ones I am wearing every other day.  One pair is New Balance that lace up and the other pair is Easy Spirit which slip on.  Save the sandals for restaurants or Disney Springs shopping.

Wear sunscreen.  Its sunny, its hot, you will get burned.  Sunglasses and a hat help also.  

There are loads of cute shirts out there, to buy at the parks or buy before you go.  Amy made us some great shirts for Mothers Day and Fathers Day that we wore.  And we get inspiration for new shirts each time we go. My Mothers Day shirt was purple and said "my favorite Disney prince is my Husband", And Gregs shirts were "I Don't do matching shirts with a silhouette of Grumpy" and "I work to support my wifes Disney addiction".  All got lots of compliments.  Amy did a great job with her cricut and software!

Have fun, make memories!  Relax!  Be as comfortable as possible!!

I forgot something....unless you are tall and skinny ~ leggings are not attractive.  I will just leave it at that!

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