Saturday, February 11, 2017

Life on the Farm

Our bedroom remodel is continuing ~ Greg is painting the inside of the old closets (after he removed the diving wall, and all the shelf built ins, and patched the walls).   The dark blue trim work on the closet, bedroom door frame, windows, etc. is being painted a beautiful neutral beige.  The paint and trim in the room is the same as our bedroom at our old house in MS.  Our love seat will fit into that space along with an end table and lamp.  On each end of the space, Greg is going to build bookshelves from the old shelf builtins/inserts.  They will be painted the same as the walls.  We have loads of books packed in boxes under the pool table.

Amy and I found some cute plastic containers at Walmart that we are going to use on the Candy Favor table for the wedding favors.  We managed to find 10 that were just printed with hearts or heart shaped that did not also have Feb. or Valentines day printed on them.  Her future Mama in law, Tammy, found some really cute flower girl dresses for our 2 little flower girls.  Amy picked out her favorite and they were available in the right sizes, so those got ordered. 

Our dear Chicken gals are nearing 2 years old and have greatly slowed egg production ~ as in we used to get 5-7 per day from 10 chickens and now we are getting 5-7 per week.  They may become free range chickens in the back field and we get the coop ready for a new flock.  Our local Tractor Supply will start getting chicks in a couple of weeks.  When we get the chicks, I will have to get all the grandboys over here for pictures!

I got a beautiful plant nursery catalog yesterday.  I have dreams of more blueberry bushes and fruit trees.  Also of a nice long row of Leyland cyress trees/bushes to block the view through the chain link fence into our back pasture.  We received a box from one of Gregs aunts a couple of weeks ago with 15 or so little raspberry plants she dug up from her patch.  That was a huge "free" blessing!  In the fall Greg ordered us 10 grapevines to start our little vineyard.  Both the raspberries and grapes are planted.  I've got 3 vases with plant starts in them from Moms old yard ~ with healthy roots.  I am hoping they survive when they are potted.  Some for her house and some for ours.

My days are spent canning, sewing, cross stitching, laundry, cooking, cleaning, in Bible study, reading, wedding planning, running errands with mom & Amy.  My daughter in law brought me lots of  grapefruits from her aunts tree.  Amy juiced these for me yesterday and the juice will be made into grapefruit jelly.  I've also got frozen apple juice and apple pulp to make into jelly and apple butter.  I canned 21 quarts of small red beans to use in our casseroles and in chili.  Buying dried beans in bulk and then canning is much cheaper than buying all the little cans at the grocery store.

Thankful for ~

lots of Mason Jars
cooler weather to can
Free fruit (grapefruit) & plants
anticipation of spring
getting baby chicks soon
a great football season watching our Falcons play
planning our garden and vineyards
cheery, bright yellow daffodils
knowing that God is in control of everything

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