Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Cloffice

Our farmhouse had an oddball small room outside the master bedroom.  It started out being a sitting room/office, but we never quite liked it.  And our closets in the bedroom were really small.  We had talked about knocking walls down, rearranging the bathroom, enlarging the bedroom etc.  But that all costs a lot of money.  We ended up not doing anything until we sold the Mississippi house.  2 weekends ago, we decided it should be a cloffice.....closet/office ~ Greg came up with the name cause he is creative like that!  We hauled out stuff and made 2 trips to IKEA over the weekend.  (Lesson learned ~ don't go on Saturday....its crazy busy in there.)  Here is the result ~

We kept the carpet and the plaid wallpaper.  Changed out some pictures and organized all our clothes.  Summer and winter clothes will fit in the drawers, on hangers, and in the baskets.  The only clothes stuck up in the attic (which has pull down stairs above the desk) are the "don't fit" clothes.

When we get past Thanksgiving, we will begin taking our old closets apart and turning that into a sitting area with our love seat and end tables, book cases should fit too.  Those pictures will be coming later! 

Thankful for~

not having to pack up seasonal clothes
have IKEA close by
finances being freed up by a house sale

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