Tuesday, November 29, 2016


All of our grandsons were together on Wednesday night and Friday morning ~ MaMa & PaPa's house was rockin'

Robert 4, Aiden 2, Alvin 1, Thomas 2

my favorite ~ they are all smiling!

Aiden expends lots of energy trying to escape!

Love my wiggly boys!

PaPa's shoulder makes a great resting place!

Robert & Thomas riding PaPa's "antique" rocking horse

outside time ~ Aiden got brave and rode the little tractor & loved it!

Thomas on Thomas the train (best $5 I spent at a garage sale!)

Our sweet baby is walking! 

Robert riding his big boy bike we bought the night before

sharing among 2 year olds is a concept we are working on ~ they did real well

Auntie Amy got the rabbit out for a visit!

checking out the chickens

soccer time

Alvin can kick it too!

Come on ball...roll to me!

PaPa and his buddy

MaMa didn't need to leave these cones on the driveway ~ I will pick them up for her.

Our 4 little blessings

cone heads

I got a stick!

bike riding concentration!
We are thankful for ~

the blessing of 4 beautiful grandsons
hearing their laughter
watching their fun
watching them learn
listening to their conversations
watching them learn new things
seeing them take chances and overcome fears
the time they can all be together
a sunny, nice outside day on Friday
healthy, sturdy little fellas
the anticipation of more little grandbabies in the future

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. Great memoirs for grand kid and grand parents .


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