Friday, September 16, 2016

Crazy Idea

Sometimes, I am not known for having sane, normal, make sense ideas.  This is probably one of them.  We've decided to go low carb and lose the weight that has been slowly creeping back on ~ with a lot of help from us.  That idea in itself isn't crazy, but doing it in the month before vacation is. 

But we did it and we have both lost weight.  I have a specific goal and pray that I reach it (sorry, not sharing that part!)!  And, of course, we get easily bored with the same old thing to my research into recipes is beginning and I found some awesome ones on pinterest and the Atkins site. And in this age of electronic everything ~ I have decided to print out the recipes I find and make us a Low Carb cookbook ~ its so much easier to do it this way for me, then I can see the page (my kindle likes to "go to sleep" from being on 1 page for too long), keep referring back to it, and make notes of any changes we make.

We have made Impossible Cheeseburger Pie (using THM baking blend in place of the flour "THM-Trim Healthy Mama"),  and the Shepherds Pie using mashed cauliflower in place of mashed potatoes.  They were both delicious!  The recipes are readily available online.  I also fried chicken strips the other night, using the THM blend for the breading ~ yum!

Also, I found on Amazon some Bobs Red Mill Low Carb baking mix and have ordered it to use.  We renewed our Amazon Prime Unlimited subscription and I've downloaded 4 or 5 books to read for this lifestyle.

We will be taking our little tote with approved goodies on our vacation and refreezing our freezer packs everynight to keep everything cool.  I know there will be some "cheats", and I know that they will Mickey ice cream sandwich, a Gaston's cinnamon roll, and a chocolate mousse from France.  But I am hoping to avoid the sandwiches, buns, etc.  And exercise will be taken care of by the huge amount of walking.

chicken strips/fingers

Shepherds Pie

Thankful for ~

a lot of new recipes
this journey with my husband
initial success
Atkins bars
vacation anticipation


  1. Good for you! My husband and I have been doing low carb for about 4 months now...I have lost 37 lbs and my husband has lost 40. He was diabetic but now all his numbers are normal! Praise God! Low carb works but it is a lifestyle. One thing we do if we have to eat out is we order,say a cheese burger no bun and we never get fries...we drink bottled water or unsweet tea and add sweetner...they just put everything from the burger in a tray and send it out with a fork! We no longer eat bread...potatoes...or drink pop/soda....we have cut our sugar intake drastically. We feel better than we have felt in years...I only have 8 more lbs to my goal weight of 130lbs! It works I will be looking forward to following your weight loss journey! Oh! We do allow cheat days a couple times a month it does actually help your weight loss...just don't go over board!

    Cheering you on from Oklahoma! You can do this!

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement Homestead Lady. I love to hear success stories! Please feel free to share any recipes you have for awesome dishes! donna


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