Friday, July 1, 2016

Curve Balls

Life throws plenty of curve balls.  Some you can see coming and some hit you like a freight train. 

Last year we entered into a lease/purchase agreement on our house in MS.  The lease is up....yesterday.  Unfortunately, the gal was not able to secure the financing needed and she is moving out. For the last month, we could see this one coming.

So, we are starting over with the selling process.  We have an awesome real estate agent who has gone above and beyond the realm of helping us.  We are signing with her again tomorrow.

Now, this is not all bad ~ we are going to MS for a campout in our empty house.  Austin and his parents are coming up after his shift at work ends.  Friends will be in and out all weekend.  We've got baseball tickets and will see fireworks.  We can swim in our pool again.

We've got lawn care lined up (thanks Alston) and pool maintenance lined up (thanks Angel).  We are headed over with mops, brooms, cleaners, vacuum, etc.  Hopefully, she will not trash the house as she leaves.

We are thankful for ~

visits with friends ~ some we haven't seen in a year
a good real estate agent
hearing that there are more buyers than available houses in our area
the Lords provision over the last year

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  1. So I don't really "like" the curve ball, however I did like the fact that we got to visit with y'all over the weekend! We will have to have another party when the house sells!


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