Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Its our one year Farmaversary!  One year ago today, we had the closing for our little farm!  We were so excited and still are....we love our land.  We have updated quite a bit with more to come....we've replaced both toilets (yay! and our water bill has gone down $20 a month ~ thanks to Bryant for doing this), we've replaced a rickety back deck with a new larger and non rickety one for our table chairs and grill (thank Bryant & Katie), we've replaced the living room/dining area carpet with wood flooring (thanks Greg, James. Will, and Andy), we ripped out the sewing room carpet and replaced with vinyl tile (G,W,J), taken down tons of floral wallpaper with loads of help from my sister and her family, and Amy & James, replaced the ceiling fans and some light fixtures, and I am sure there is more.  Next on the agenda is my kitchen remodel.....I am so excited!  The white formica cabinets with blue doors will be replaced with wood cabinets.....yippee!  Oh, we've also replaced the oven, stove top, dishwasher and heating/air.  Buying a house "as is" can be pricey and we've determined that the home warranty isn't worth the paper its written on. 

Here are some outside pics ~

Thankful for~
3 acres of our own
a one level house
basement storage
loads of azalea bushes
flowering wisteria
handy man helpers
projects to beautify our home

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  1. Happy Farmaversary! Your yard looks like a beautifully maintained park with all those lovely plants, trees and flowers. :) I'm so happy for you and your family. What a great crew of helpers you have too!


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